Download for free blocks On Android

BLOCK PUZZLE: CUBES GAMES  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as a puzzle in a minimalist 10x10 style, with wooden blocks, which makes your brain energetic and healthy. You can play anytime and anywhere. Match wooden blocks of different shapes every day to make lines and rows without gaps and get rid of all the cubes

Pigs and Wolf - Block Puzzle  - a game for the Android platform, a puzzle game with blocks and pigs. The gameplay is divided into levels. Each level has a squared playing field, reminiscent of blocks from the game Tetris, and on it are several round pigs. In order to complete the level, you need to cover all the piglets with the available blocks.

WOOD BLOCK PUZZLE GAME  is a game for the android platform that offers a puzzle game with unique mechanics and various fun blocks. The game is simple and fun. Drag the blocks into a row or column with blocks to fill the grid 10 ? 10 to exclude them. There is a reward for every step and every row or column of blocks you remove

Worm VS Block Zon e is an excellent casual Android game in which you have to swipe to move a worm ball through a brick. Try to go through as many blocks as possible. Get extra worm balls and make the longest worm

Colorun - Color Ball Bump Obstacle Course  is an exciting new Android game that will come in handy. Buckle your seat belt and enter a world of adventure overcoming obstacles and do your best to ferry the colored ball to the other end to win

Snake Balls vs Blocks 3D is a game for the Android platform, in which, compared to the original, the game process is complicated by the fact that in the middle of the moving playing field there is a wall of cubes with numbers. The wall conditionally divides the field in half. The balls that make up the snake appear on the opposite side