Shproty Pro

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Shproty Pro  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a colored block puzzle game that combines the game mechanics of Tetris and color combinations. The gameplay is divided into 1500 levels, each of which is a field of square cells of a chaotic shape, which must be filled with figures of a certain color, shape and size, and completely. At each level there are circles, which are the starting point for any shape, inside which the shape and size are indicated. Your main task is not to leave empty cells and build all the given figures, but only so that they do not intersect. From the starting point, there are several options for placing each shape. The task is complicated by the intricate shape of the levels.

The main features of the game Shproty Pro :

  • colored puzzle with blocks
  • gameplay divided into 1500 levels
  • figures of a certain color, shape and size
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