Games and software on Android

Gunship-II - operate an airplane from the pilot's cabin during the fighting the Americans in Vietnam. You will have to perform various tasks, such as rescue, destroying the enemy and VIP escorts.
Battle Bears BLAST - get ready for the mass destruction of zombie teddy bears. This is a unique shooter with incredible interpretation of the teddy bear-zombies. Besides the usual bears, you have to kill the boss - Dipper.
Zombie vs Truck - a dynamic arcade game for android 2.2. Crush the zombies with your high-speed truck. And you will kill not only zombies, but also various monsters, which will fall on your way.
Skater Boy - This game was developed specifically for the android version 2.1. It is an excellent simulator ride on a skateboard. Feel like a teenager and go to different locations, owning just one purpose - to get to the finish.
Atlantis Sky Patrol - this game is very similar to Zuma, but, unlike its classical version, then the trigger is not spinning balls, and moves in a horizontal plane. Collect three balls in a row and get bonuses.
Finger Slayer Boxer - enjoy boxing from the audience and myself to go in the ring - an entirely different things. Live the life of a boxer who needs to get away from all the punches in the ring. Earn points and bonuses and become the fastest man on earth!
MiniSquadron - conduct air strikes in the sky with 50 aircraft on eight different locations! The first thing you need to do - is to choose your plane and destroy the flying figures using both ground and air objects!
Fruit Ninja - cut the juicy fruit in half with a sword like a real samurai. Live the life of a ninja fruit! But beware, if you accidentally cut the bomb, you will have very bad.
Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter - try out various missions in a small fighter plane in a constantly flying projectiles! In this game you will find a huge number of weapons, enemies, and exciting bonuses and is very difficult bosses.
Roboto - the protagonist of this game robot is a robot. Your job is to get to the spaceship, so he found his favorite, which is located at the other end of the galaxy. To do this, you can use a mini-turbolet.
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