Games and software on Android

Fisher Fish  is a surreal fishing game for the android platform. Your character is a fish in a hat, casting a long distance with a hook and line. According to the storyline, this fish lost its loved ones, who were caught by the fishermen, and raised an uprising of fish. Various fishing locations

Dragon Domain: The Indestructible Warrior  is an excellent Android RPG game with dark pixel style, excellent design and perfect number system, allowing players to experience strategic battles through simple operations. According to legend, Twelve evil dragons emerged from the abyss and populated the entire continent...

Warpath Huan Chuong Chien Hoa  is an addictive real time strategy war game for Android in which you have to follow your path of war, be a ruthless and cunning commander who does everything possible to win. Fight enemies, join global alliances

Steam Train Tycoon: Idle Game  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a railway clicker tycoon. Stations and trains carrying passengers are at your disposal. Locomotives pull trains. Inside the cars you can find modern technology, and passengers can be both people and monsters or aliens

Jackass Human Slingshot  is a great Android game that is positioned as a jumping and flying arcade game. Your character is a cartoon avatar of actor Johnny Knoxville. Your task is to try to fly to the desired point, while you, along with a crazy-looking aircraft, are loaded into a giant slingshot and fired

Pocket Quest: Merge RPG  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as an incremental RogueLike RPG. The playing field is a square divided into cells, along which the road passes. Your character walks on it in automatic mode and encounters mobs, in battles with which you also do not participate

Fire Mission  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a strategic RPG about battles with aliens. In accordance with the legend, as well as with the plot, the Earth was captured by aliens, with whom your team of heroes will fight. The gameplay features both futuristic technology and World War II tanks

Bird Alone  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a virtual pet simulator. You will be invited to spend time with a sociable cartoon parrot, with whom you can talk on some topics, like with a chat bot, play, color pictures and complete poems. But when you get bored, you can just stroke the bird by clicking on the screen

WUCK GAME  is a great puzzle game for Android, which is an endless procedural game with tiles, the goal of which is to get to all available tiles. Move the tile to the very end! In this endless scroller, try your best to escape from the oncoming lava by filling the tiles of the current window and avoiding the corner

Summoners Arena  is a casual game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a PvP Tower Defense. The playing field is divided into two equal parts. In each part there is a zone for arranging towers, a road around and a portal from which hostile mobs appear. The gameplay is a match for two players

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