Games and software on Android

ARAKA  is an epic fantasy game for the Android platform, which is positioned as an MMORPG on the Unreal Engine. Your goal is to take to the skies and conquer the lands in the vast open world of Araki, which involves exploring a fantasy world created by the Unreal Engine with your highly customizable characters

Winked: Episodes of Romance  is a romance game for Android, the gameplay of which is a dating site simulator. The girl is the heroine of the game, on whose behalf the game is going on, meets the guys, communicates with them and brings the conversation to an invitation to a date. If such an invitation is received, the game is considered over.

Modern Gun  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a first-person shooter. The gameplay is reminiscent of the game Counter Stryke, in which players are divided into two teams and fight each other on different maps. Rounds are limited in time. The team with the most enemies wins.

Riddle Road  is a game for the Android platform where you will become a talented and desperate journalist Abigail Fletcher. You need to unravel the mystery of your fathers disappearance and complete the solitaire levels. Your main tasks are as follows: restore the old lighthouse, clean up the abandoned factory and unravel the mystery of the mechanical train

Dungeons of Dreadrock  is a game for the Android platform in which you, along with a dwarf, will go through a campaign in an ancient undermountain kingdom. The goal of your dwarf in the story is to win the battle with the Yorkies, the undead and other fabulous monsters. The gameplay is a classic old-school rpg with puzzle elements

Chase Love in Japan  is an Android game in which a foreign student visiting Japan finds herself at the center of a gem-stealing detective story. The girl is waiting for meetings with three different men and, according to the scenario of this genre, she starts a relationship with them. Gameplay is an interactive quest book

Zombie wars Castle defense  is a great Android game in which you will find yourself in an apocalypse world where the world has been attacked by monsters and zombies. You need to find and save survivors, build a powerful shelter, fight monsters to survive in this apocalyptic world

Doctor Bones 3D  is a cool casual game for Android in which you will become a doctor and you need to correctly arrange the bones in the skeleton, and perhaps even create a new one

Ninja Relo - shuriken autofire  - a great fun 2D platform shooter game for Android about ninja! You are welcomed by the mysterious world of ninja, where you need to gain infinite power in order to fight the evil ninja, who launched the forbidden ninjutsu and opened the gates of hell, while demons came out from there, and the world itself turned into a continuous hell

Home Organizer Life  is a cool puzzle game for Android that will both relax your brain and make you think. Train your brain with this interesting game, organize your pantry beautifully

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