Download for free construction On Android

My city: Island is a game for the android platform in which you need to restore the island destroyed by the earthquake, which was formerly called Cacau. Before the earthquake, on this piece of land were beautiful buildings surrounded by stunning landscapes. You have to return to this island its former glory and make it the main tourist destination

L oader Dump Truck Hill SIM 2 - simulation game for andr.oid platform in which you will carry out orders at construction sites related to the management of construction equipment - bulldozers, dump trucks, tractors and other machinery, which will be unlocked during the game

Cityville - game for android platform, in which you will be able to become an architect, build your city and control, turning their town into a flourishing metropolis. Raising houses and entire neighborhoods, shops, hospitals, offices and entertainment venues, you have to take care of its inhabitants. To your city developed

Everytown - platform game for Android, where you build and manage your city, surrounded by beautiful farms, where they grow many plants are needed for food production. You can make your city unique, selecting for him the exclusive design for comfort

Total War Battles: KINGDOM - game for android platform from the famous developer - the company SEGA, made ​​in the strategy genre, of which the market has a lot of computer entertainment

Fallout Shelter - a video game for the Android platform developers Bethesda Game Studios and Behaviour Interactive, a game which is part of the Fallout series

Royal Empire: Realm of War - game - strategy for the android platform from the developer tap4fun, where you can continue your favorite activity and build your kingdom. The developer is known to you at the games Sparta Wars - The Empire of Honor, which has more than 10 million downloads, King's Empire to the number

Tower with friends - platform game for Android in which you can set the record in the construction of a skyscraper. Game to test and develop your reflexes because you at the right moment, press the screen to the building block, held by a crane, unhooked and fell down

Minions Paradise - cool strategy for Android, the hero of which is none other than the famous Minions and Phil little hero, who accidentally sank a cruise ship, which traveled Minions. Now Phil is necessary to build a house for his new friends, and he found a desert island

Five Nights At Craft: Freddy - a great sandbox for Android from the series mainkraftu. You are waiting for exciting adventures in the pixel world. By using scrap materials create their homes, gardens, animals and plant construction, and do them, that they were stolen from the night where the evil predators