Project Highrise

Game Simulations manager construction


Project Highrise  is a game for the android platform in which you will build famous skyscrapers as both an architect and a developer. Your task is to build skyscrapers that can achieve worldwide fame by managing construction and caring for tenants. Your choice is that you will build an exclusive office building, where the best companies from all over the world flock, or apartments, penthouses for the elite and housing for celebrities. You can build the skyscraper however you want. The game will become more interesting thanks to several difficulty levels and different starting conditions.

The customer is always right, so build fancy apartments, open restaurants and shops, install vending machines, open yoga classes, build fountains. You must make a profit and invest in the future. If you are lucky, you will get the building in which they want to live and work, at your disposal, but if no tenants start leaving, the building will be empty and your reputation will be damaged.

The main properties of the game Project Highrise :

  • gameplay - well-developed skyscraper simulator
  • different tenants with special properties and modern needs
  • the ability to play without restrictions
  • the opportunity to build a skyscraper of dreams
  • consultants will help improve the image of the skyscraper
  • the ability to improve operational efficiency


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