Games and software on Android

Driving zone 2 - a game for the android platform in which you can become a street racer, driving your car on busy metropolitan streets and high-speed trails. At high speed, you need to carefully monitor the road to maneuver in the traffic flow, carry out risky overtaking, enter into steep turns and, of course

Spring LWP - very beautiful gentle spring live wallpaper on Android, with flowers and drops of dew on them. Feel the warm days and the first rays of the spring sun with these wonderful wallpaper, and spring flowers will cheer you up

Sport car Corvette is a dynamic platform game for android, in which you can test and demonstrate your mastery of driving a sports car. By pressing on the gas, you can accelerate the car to unimaginable speed and enjoy the roar of the engine. Rushing along the busy streets of the city and other locations

Puppy LWP - wonderful live wallpapers on Android with funny little puppies. Enjoy positive emotions with these lovely wallpaper, place them on the screen of your mobile device and funny puppies will delight you every day

Titan throne is a platform game for android, in which you will fight for the right to lead your own kingdom. In this game, four races are at enmity among themselves, and you need to choose your side in this conflict, taking into account that each race is characterized by its strengths and weaknesses, has its own style of architecture

Kittens Live Wallpaper - Incredibly cute live wallpaper on Android with little kittens. You want a kitten, but for various reasons you can not bring it, install these wonderful wallpapers on your mobile device's screen and you will have your own personal pet that will delight you every day

Spookiz pop: Match 3 puzzle is a fun platform game for android, performed in the genre of "three in a row", in which you will change the places of colored fruits in such a way that the rows of 3 or more identical fruits are obtained. Making up the ranks, you can help funny characters to collect fruits, and as long as possible rows

Mind construct - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you will restore your memory, collecting it in pieces of memories. For success, you have to bypass the mobile shields and barriers of consciousness. Fragments of memories are scattered in levels

Luminous jellyfish HD - an unrealistically beautiful live wallpaper on Android with holy jellyfish. Fascinating floating jellyfish and rising air bubbles will decorate the screen of your mobile device

Cherry in Blossom Live Wallpaper - very beautiful live wallpaper on Android with cherry blossoms, blossoming in a mystical garden. Feel the fairy tale and magic with the wallpaper Cherry in the Blossom Live Wallpaper , install them on the screen of your mobile device and feel the fragrance of the cherry blossom, enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery

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