Games and software on Android

Politaire: Poker solitaire is an exciting platform game for android, for which you will need logic and observation. To complete the task and remove the cards from the playing field, you need to make up of 5 playing cards certain poker winning combinations. To succeed, you need to think carefully

Captain Solo: Counter strike is a platform game for android, in which the brave captain Tom, the main character, rushes to the rescue, and your task is to help him in every possible way. The officer of the army captain enjoyed a peaceful life and rested from military operations, but terrorists and bandits interrupted the measured course of life

Atlas sentry - a game for the android platform, which invites you to become a defender of the galaxy and in this incarnation to destroy the countless armies of spaceships of aliens. To repel attacks of aggressors from the depths of space, use fantastic technologies and a powerful orbital cannon, in particular, a space gun

Souzasim: Drag race is a game for the android platform that will take you to the racing tracks, along which you will drive your motor scooter or sports bike, accelerating it to the maximum speed. Your task is to demonstrate your skills by switching gears and overtaking rivals in time. You can choose a team of racers

Episode ft. Pitch perfect - a game for the android platform in which you can become a creator, creating your own heroine and choosing her appearance, clothes and accessories. You can become a hero of the film and an unusual story, make meaningful decisions in different situations, the development of which depends entirely on you

Wardog shooter: Space attack - a game for the android platform that will take you to a fantastic galaxy where intelligent dogs live. The main character of the game is a mercenary who concluded an agreement for the protection of a scientific expedition. Therefore, when the expedition was attacked by residents of an unexplored planet, it must destroy the enemy

Doctor dash: Hospital game is a game for the android platform that invites you to become the owner of your own clinic from its construction to receiving patients who need treatment and management of medical personnel working in different hospitals, from a dental office to a neurosurgery clinic

Dandelions LWP - very beautiful live wallpapers on Android with wonderful dandelions. Animated effects will add a touch to your mobile device. Give the screen of your personality device with flying dandelion fuzz, besides you can write any text

World of truck: Build your own cargo empire - a game for android platform in which you will become a professional trucker, driving a modern American or European truck and carrying out orders for the transport of goods, such as timber, containers, cars and others, around the world

Tunnel rush 2 - a game for the android platform, in which you are waiting for a race at an insane speed through endless tunnels, where on the way at any second you may encounter obstacles that collisions should be avoided. To do this, you can make maneuvers - move to the sides, go on walls or on the ceiling, in a word, do everything

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