Download for free action On Android

Kill shot virus - a game for the android platform, in which you need to stop the zombie apocalypse, destroying with the help of modern weapons disgusting zombies on the streets of the city, which is struck by a zombie virus that turns the city's population into bloodthirsty monsters. Your task is to find and save from the death of people who have not yet been hit by a deadly virus

Standoff 2 - a game for the android platform, in which you have to take part in the armed conflict of terrorists and special forces. Your task is to destroy as many enemies as possible, while remaining alive. To do this, shoot first when you find the enemy, and do it accurately, aiming at the head

Rise of steel - a dynamic game for android platform, in which you are waiting for active battles with robots and people. You will control a huge robot-transformer, which can turn into a high-speed car. Robots flooded the streets of the metropolis and attacked its inhabitants. You can take either side in a clash of people and robots

Dead warfare: Zombie - a great rpg on Android device in which you need to survive in the fight against zombie monsters during the zombie apocalypse. You need to lead a group of survivors and take on zombie monsters. Your characters can have different unique skills. You need to be cured of a terrible zombie virus, for this you must reach the laboratory

Outset: Zombie hunter - a game for the android platform where you need to survive in a huge metropolis of New York, the streets of which are filled with sinister zombies, which turned into people as a result of the zombie virus epidemic. The allies you need to find will help the survival of the main character. During a journey through the ruins

Mad city 4: Winter snow edition - game for android platform, in which you need to survive the winter in the underworld metropolis, to take part in dangerous skirmishes with bandits and the police, to move away from the chase. You will become a bandit and will rob, attack passers-by, steal cars and commit other crimes

Squad wars: Death division - a dynamic game for the Android platform, which invites you to take part in shooting competitions, where you are waiting for the intense firefights with arrows all over the world. Tournaments are organized by some bizarre billionaire. You have to destroy the enemy and win prizes. To escape from the fire

Elite force army war commando - game for android platform, in which you become a soldier of the army special forces, to come to the defense of peaceful residents who are threatened by terrorists and criminals. You take part in street battles in which an enemy force will excel. Despite this, you will need to survive in intense firefights

Warship age - game for android platform, in which you can feel like the captain of a warship and take part in large-scale naval battles. In the open sea offers artillery duels with enemy ships from different countries. You need to maneuver, firing all guns and sink enemy ships

Wands - game for android platform, the events which take place in London XIX century. This will take you into the world of the mysterious mechanisms, and strong magic, the mystery which you have to comprehend. To win in duels with other wizards in the arena you need to know the devastating spells and use magic wand, which has exceptional properties