Download for free Pirates On Android

Sailing warrior is a platform game for android that invites you to sail adventure under the sails of your pirate ship. Collect a desperate loyal team and become the most severe sea pirate. Each character has exceptional abilities that you can use

Pirate War: Age of Strike - the game for android platform, the first project developers of the studio Play war mobile, created in the genre of strategy, but in a rather new format for this genre. The gameplay is similar to the gameplay of the very popular Clash of Clans game, only in this case it's about pirates

Tropical Wars - online game for android, realized in the genre of platform strategy, not just a strategy, and piracy, because the game about pirates and all that is connected with it. Every month about pirates game becomes, and most likely, the game Tropical Wars will find its grateful user

The pirates: Caribbean conflict - a great strategy on Android, in which you need to assemble a team of pirates and find the treasure, for this you need to build a pirate base on the tropical island. You are waiting for an incredible adventure in the South Seas. Go on a treasure hunt in different mysterious islands, clear Caribbean

Monkey Bay - a game about pirates, treasure, pillage, ships for the Android platform from the developer U pjers GmbH, representing a mix Plunder Pirates and Clash of Clans, in which there are features of the genre

Pearl Hunter - enjoyable gameplay to expect from Pearl Hunter game on Android. You will have the usual occupation to search on a beautiful deep sea beautiful pearl. You throw for boron in blue sea pirates already familiar with the same ship

Pirates Age - Card Battle Game - Meet the wonderful and exciting game of incredible adventures Android. Go to an incredible journey filled with exciting adventures.

OceanCraft - If you ever wanted to be a pirate of the 18th century, this great online game about pirates just for you. In the game you are waiting for an incredible adventure on the ship and fascinating story. If you do not want to spend fighting with the players, 500 quests will not let you get bored.

Captain Skyro - help me get my real pirate ship. Explore the wonderful world of clouds, moving with the hook. Do not forget to adjust the angle and force of the tension hook.
Pirates 3D Cannon Master - pirate battle will amaze you with its variety and fun sense of humor. All you need is to select one of the ten ships and a trip to meet his sea adventures.