Download for free protection On Android

360 Mobile Security - a free app for the platform is not new, it is already more than two years, but very useful, because it has more than hundreds of millions of users. Developed and continues to improve the software company 360 Mobile Security Limited

March for glory - platform game for Android, where you have to build, strengthen and protect your city from enemies, which would require a well-equipped army, so Improve their fighters and discover new types of combat units. You are waiting for an unforgettable adventure in a huge world that you should investigate

AppLock Theme - Halloween - the world's first app for the platform Android L to lock applications from the CM security, so the curious could not read your correspondence

Monkey Bay - a game about pirates, treasure, pillage, ships for the Android platform from the developer U pjers GmbH, representing a mix Plunder Pirates and Clash of Clans, in which there are features of the genre

LEO Privacy Guard - a free application for the Android platform, with which you can lock the application to protect personal secrets and completely solve the problem of privacy and security of data in your mobile device. The application is characterized by convenience, simplicity, security and beauty ...

The tiny tale 2 - build, improve, wins the game for the Android platform, and will help you trolls and gremlins. They, obeying your commands will produce different resources, so you can rebuild, develop and strengthen the settlement, as well as protect it from enemy attacks. In the game you will be able to improve the equipment of your army

Cats vs Mice - a remarkable application for Android, which will brighten up your leisure. Meet the positive application from developer Kid Apps, which already defines gaming audience. The game will remind you all a favorite cartoon "Tom and Jerry

Lords Knights - Strategy MMO - Meet the wonderful game on Android Lords Knights, allowing you to feel the lord unwavering empire.

King's Empire for Tango - An incredible game Android that captures all your free time. The game's plot is spectacular and unique. A century has passed after the capture of the planet. On Throughout time people sought his hero, his king

Hungry Bugs - Kitchen Invasion - good and addictive game for Android with a gay storyline. Gripping story of the game and ease of operation will delight you. Your main task will be protecting tasty and delicious cake. Cake and want to regale cockroaches, flies, bees, spiders and ...