System Applications for Android

Vire Launcher - Incredible app for Android, Treat your mobile remarkable application, making it original and unique. Incredible 3D transitions, automatic theming is all UI elements

Next Notification - great plugin for launcher Next 3D Launcher for Android, which is able to show all the missed calls, unread SMS - messages, Gmail. This plugin is another 3D Launcher, will help you be aware of all the missed calls, unread SMS - messages, Gmail.

Iphone Halloween locker screen - Great, stylish screen in the style of the famous festival of Halloween to release on Android. Make your mobile device a unique, setting such a wonderful program.

Sim selector - a great program for Android, which is designed to select the SIM card for outgoing calls depending on the configured templates. It is important to note that the app only works on the platform MTK65xx and Samsung Galaxy S duos!

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite - Meet excellent basic security on Android. Excellent protection for your mobile device. This program is a great tool that will provide virus scanning applications you want to install. In addition, the program is able to establish the location of

aFirewall call and sms blocker - a terrific program on Android, which offers the ability to customize the most convenient for you script to block certain calls and SMS - messages to the right and a convenient time for you.

Tasks Notes for MS Exchange - Meet totally free program for Android by developer Jakub Klos, which complements the various web calendar events, tasks, and notes. And convenient program that supports synchronization with MS Exchange ...

GO SMS Pro - An excellent program for Android that allows you to conveniently talk on SMS or as MMS, using the wonderful, beautiful interface. It is still a free program GO SMS Pro brand will replace the application to work with SMS.

GO Cleaner Task Manager - GO TaskManager EX - excellent free application that is useful to you for Android - one slight press and all applications are closed! Comfortable and very convenient, can quickly close a number of applications, while freeing up memory.

ASTRO File Manager - An excellent file manager for Android, in which is part of the task manager. ASTRO File Manager can create backups programs early already established, work with archives ZIP and TAR, can view pictures.

In this section you can download system applications for Android. Any Android software may be included in several sections. In the system software, as well as throughout the site, you can all Android software for free download