DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner)

Program System Cleaner cleaning


DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner) - in the market of software for the Android platform, there are many applications that can miraculously affect the operation of your device. This application - one of them, but, by the way, the most popular, because it has more than one hundred million users worldwide. With the application rate can be increased and the performance of the device. The application contains a free antivirus, with which you can protect your data against malicious programs.

Application developers gave certain useful features, such as, for example, the ability to optimize the operation of games by redirecting resources for their support; the possibility of increasing the speed of the android platform and get more free space in the device memory and on the SD-card by cleaning of all unnecessary, and other simple actions. The app contains a handy application manager with advanced features and other useful stuff with which you are sure to meet, download the application.

The basic properties of the application DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner):

· Simplicity and accessibility of the interface

· Quick cleaning and the ability to customize the automatic cleaning system from unnecessary files

· The opportunity to achieve up to 60% increase in acceleration

· Availability of free antivirus

· Support for many languages

· Free download

Negative application properties DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner):

· App is free, so contains a large amount of advertising

· Not recommended for those who are not very friendly with mobile applications

Summary: more than one hundred million downloads with positive feedback themselves say about the application. Do not build illusions - there is no magic, because programming is not possible, but many features of the application you are sure to be pleased.


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