Zoner AntiVirus Free

Program System antivirus


Zoner AntiVirus Free - with this great app for Android, your mobile device will be fully protected as from viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, unwanted SMS / MMS, and has protection against theft or loss of the phone (tablet).

- Protection against theft and loss
- Installed applications Protection
- Protect access and applications
- Filtration number (block calls and messages)
- Parental control for calls
- Enable the view
- Task Manager
- Automatic and manual automated database updates
- Widget

Protection against theft and loss allows you to find your device remotely, and manage them via SMS commands. If you lose your phone, you can specify its location or start worrying that people noticed it. The program notifies you that your SIM-card is changed.

Version: 1.7.5.

Platform: Android 2.1 +

Download: google play

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Application Type: Paid
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