Download for free File Manager On Android

My backup - a small but powerful application for the Android platform, which is designed to back up information from your device. You can copy contacts, photos, settings, browser bookmarks, notifications in the calendar, and other data

Norton mobile utilities beta - application for the Android platform, which contains a package of tools, consisting of four sections: APPS, Usage, Device, Installer, each of which performs a specific function. Paragraph APPS suspend or clears the running of the program; Usage entry diagnose the use of mobile communication

File Manager - A great application for Android, which will be your assistant. This application is a full featured and Home Free file manager. One-quarter them of important advantages is the intuitive user interface.

File Manager HD (Tablet) - Large olepny functional file manager on A ndroid . Your assistant is always at Your fingertips. This application arranged so that they can use Tablets m Which rabotae t running Android 3.0 Honecomb and above.

ASTRO File Manager - An excellent file manager for Android, in which is part of the task manager. ASTRO File Manager can create backups programs early already established, work with archives ZIP and TAR, can view pictures.

File Expert - Very advanced file manager with built-in FTP Server, Web Server, SMB. With this powerful file manager, you have total access over FTP / HTTP files on your smartphone or tablet. File Expert displays application icons, photos, videos. You can choose the encoding for text files.

File Expert - file manager super gadgets platform Android, which is capable rassharivat resources smartphone via Wi-Fi, access to LAN resources through the built-SMB-client, run the installed application.

File Expert - This file manager has a number of additional features and capabilities. It incorporates a FTP-server, Web-server, and SMB-client.

Computer - System installation on the screen of your phone as a replica of the conductor, "my computer" with Windows XP. With it you can see the standard icons on your desktop.