System Applications for Android

Necta Launcher - original launcher for android platform, which will be particularly useful for children and seniors. The launcher is such a shell for android, which introduces some changes in appearance, function and so on. Today, most manufacturers make their phones launcher

LEO Privacy Guard - a free application for the Android platform, with which you can lock the application to protect personal secrets and completely solve the problem of privacy and security of data in your mobile device. The application is characterized by convenience, simplicity, security and beauty ...

Picoo Launcher - Material Design - an excellent launcher for Android, designed in minimalist style to provide you with access to the most important applications in one touch, because everything you need is on the first desktop

DU Speed ​​Booster (Cleaner) - in the market of software for the Android platform, there are many applications that can miraculously affect the operation of your device. This application - one of them, but, by the way, the most popular, because it has more than one hundred million users worldwide

Firefly lockscreen - very beautiful blocker screen on Android. Lock screen with live wallpaper Firefly Live Wallpaper on different topics. Offers eight types of live wallpapers that are successful imitation LockScreen iPhone 6

File Manager - A great application for Android, which will be your assistant. This application is a full featured and Home Free file manager. One-quarter them of important advantages is the intuitive user interface.

Max Remote - Meet a terrific app for Android, which will give you even more comfort and convenience. Only your mobile can become a universal remote to WiFi computer. In here s meet management

Google Drive Sync (DriveSync) - a terrific app for Android, which can provide full two-sided synchronization with Google Drive. Comfortable and accessible interface, absolute reliability, incredible saving your battery

File Manager HD (Tablet) - Large olepny functional file manager on A ndroid . Your assistant is always at Your fingertips. This application arranged so that they can use Tablets m Which rabotae t running Android 3.0 Honecomb and above.

Assistant in Russian - a terrific app for Android, which will become an indispensable assistant. Your personal virtual assistant to Russian. Just before you ample opportunities, including voice search and mobile assistant for ordinary and daily tasks.

In this section you can download system applications for Android. Any Android software may be included in several sections. In the system software, as well as throughout the site, you can all Android software for free download