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aFirewall call and sms blocker - a terrific program on Android, which offers the ability to customize the most convenient for you script to block certain calls and SMS - messages to the right and a convenient time for you. For example, you do not want to receive calls on a day off from the leadership, and want to hear the voice of family and friends, in such cases, you need to write them to the white list. Set the reception of calls and SMS - messages on Saturday and Sunday only from that list, then when the rest of calls and SMS - messages at this time will be blocked, and all of them will be taken into account and recorded in the log (log) calls. And then in your output will be heard by those who sincerely want you to hear. It is important to note that the program is able to use the periodic scripts and rules for fast start manually.

It is important to:

1. For correct operation of the program, so aFirewall get access to SMS first, you need to install it to other programs of this kind: Go SMS Pro, Handcent etc.

2. As for the black list, the default is to only put an unwanted number on the list, which will allow blocking calls. You must install the 'Unknown / Hidden Calls "to block them.

3. It should be noted that the numbers that are in the "List of protected" not be blocked. This kind of protection can hide calls / SMS / MMS from certain numbers from the list.

Scripts program aFirewall:

1. Able to drop calls. There are a variety of options. Excellent opportunity to redirect calls to voicemail or to a room that does not exist. Have the opportunity to tell the program to pick up and hang up in order to voicemail call forwarding does not happen.

2. An excellent opportunity to set up a group call blocking and SMS - messages that are independent of each other.

3. Able to unwanted calls and SMS - messages reflect in a magazine that you can view the built-in following.

aFirewall can:

1. Excellent feature data backup Firewall on SD-card in xml-format and import settings from the copied data.

2. By the application of BackupToEmail a great opportunity to send logs of blocked and protected calls to Gmail;

As for security aFirewall:

1. Able to maintain a false password and password

2. There are hidden icons aFirewall, you can open and then using SimpleDialer or regular dialer.

Another function aFirewall:

1. Able to block outgoing calls.

2. Able to specify a range of numbers on a mask.

3. Lock SMS - messages with keywords.

1. android.permission.MODIFY_PHONE_STATE: changed version of Android 2.3 is used in the control mechanism of the call and the suppression of the missed call notification.

2. android.permission.WRITE_APN_SETTINGS: changed version of Android 4.0 and is used to download MMS-investment.

3. android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS: changed version of Android 4.2 and the need to switch the "flight"

It is also possible to use a free program or link2SD apps2ROM to convert aFirewall in the system application. Later, the corresponding application will be issued for conversion on Google Play.

Important: Getting root on your mobile device terminates the guarantee, moreover, incorrect execution of the procedure may lead to unexpected consequences. Consequently, the implementation of the procedures for obtaining root you perform at your own risk. Absolutely no responsibility for any damage to or destruction of the device during the procedure.


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