System Applications for Android

GMD Spen control - application for the Android platform designed to run applications, shortcuts, or user actions using the stylus Samsung S Pen, not limited to a standard set of gestures. In any part of the screen you can assign gestures at its discretion, and Launch Bar, you can set up in the center or on any window border

My backup - a small but powerful application for the Android platform, which is designed to back up information from your device. You can copy contacts, photos, settings, browser bookmarks, notifications in the calendar, and other data

Norton mobile utilities beta - application for the Android platform, which contains a package of tools, consisting of four sections: APPS, Usage, Device, Installer, each of which performs a specific function. Paragraph APPS suspend or clears the running of the program; Usage entry diagnose the use of mobile communication

Dodol keyboard - application for the Android platform, which is able to decorate your mobile device, and more specifically, a keyboard for your smartphone, using exclusive themes. A distinctive feature of the application is the presence of a number of separate numeric keys

Big caller ID - a great app for the Android platform. With it, you can replace the small picture caller who calls you on it full-screen image. With this application, you are given the opportunity to change themes, crop and edit photos

SD tools - you want to know the real capabilities of your mobile device? Download this app and you can check the actual speed of read and write data to SD-card. The application is designed to test both internal and external storage, it also provides information about the card's serial number and the date of its manufacture

Calls blacklist - you bend unwanted calls? Download this indispensable application that silently block unwanted incoming calls and text messages and fix them in the history of the black list. Your blacklist is easily organized - choose any number from the phone book or call log

McAfee: Mobile security - application for mobile devices, which includes a package of anti-virus service that scans files on the authenticity and virus protection; antiviral signaling, as well as the ability to locate the device if it is stolen and other useful functions and features

Apk editor pro - a powerful tool for the Android platform, containing useful editor which allows you to edit apk-files on the mobile device and gives you the ability to remove ads, change the extension and perform other necessary settings

Battery status - program for Android, which allows you to control the consumption of the battery in your mobile device. Furthermore, the application notifies the battery charge status using notifications

In this section you can download system applications for Android. Any Android software may be included in several sections. In the system software, as well as throughout the site, you can all Android software for free download