Games and software on Android

Crowd royale is a game for android platform, in which you have to control not one hero, but an army of fierce fighters. Commanding a crowd of fighters, you have to spend it on city streets, destroying opponents and increasing your army. You need to attack the enemy, while his number has not increased

Golf master 3D is an android platform game in which you can compete playing golf with strong opponents. You need to perform accurate and strong blows so that the balls hit the hole, and you get prizes. To do this, you need to carefully aim and ideally calculate the force and trajectory of impact, while taking into account the terrain relief

Doll LWP - very beautiful live wallpaper with dolls, very realistic and similar to flirtatious girls. Install this wallpaper on the desktop screen of your mobile device and create an interesting and cute image with mysterious dolls for it

Bingo my home is an exciting game for the android platform in bingo in different rooms of a large house, in which you will need observation and, of course, luck. Observation to keep track of the numbers and fill out their cards with numbers. A reward is waiting for fully completed cards.

Trucks gone wild is a dynamic platform game for Android, which offers to take part in extreme truck races, pushing the gas pedal, overcoming dirt and off-road obstacles. Your task is to finish first. On the way you are waiting for steep turns, slopes, on which you need to climb and descend from them, dirt

Hill top bike rider 2019 is a game for the android platform, which offers to become a professional motorcycle racer. You have to "ride" a sports bike and zip along difficult tracks, collecting coins and prizes and overtaking numerous rivals and other motorcyclists. For the collected coins you can purchase to improve your sports bikes.

Line farm is a fun android platform game in which you will need attention, as well as logical and creative thinking. You need to find on the playing field a pair of identical animals and connect them with lines, while avoiding various obstacles. This way you will help the animals find their friend.

Hot wheels infinite loop is a game for the android platform, in which you will drive a car along difficult city roads, practically in extreme conditions. In this race you need to win, so press on the gas, use nitro acceleration and other gains.

Ritual: Sorcerer angel is an android platform game in which you will destroy hordes of cunning monsters with masses using spells and combat skills. You have to hold the hero, who wanted to sacrifice to the god of dark forces, in gloomy locations, filled with crowds of monsters. Your hero broke from the trap and challenged the dark forces

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia is a game for the android platform, which took you to the distant planet Utopia, which used to be quite a popular resort. The situation has changed radically, and its cities have become ruins, and marauders, monsters and dangerous robots now inhabit the planet, with which your squad of fighters are facing battles

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