Games and software on Android

Legions: Battle of the immortals - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you can demonstrate talent tactics and good reflexes, taking part in large-scale battles and dynamic raids. You can play as an archer, assassin, mage or knight, using the exceptional skills of heroes and magic

Duck race is a fun android platform game in which you will take part in water duck races. You will manage a rubber duck, quickly sliding along the surface of a winding river with difficult tracks, while avoiding collisions with obstacles that fall on the way, or with the shore

Alchemist: The philosopher's stone is an android platform game in which a world almost covered by a mysterious cataclysm can be covered with darkness and only a mythical philosopher's stone can stop it. Fantastic world in which you need to spend a wandering alchemist, full of secrets and dangers

1shot: Quick timing shooter is an exciting platform game for Android, in which attentiveness and reflexes will be very useful to you. You should at the right time click on the screen to shoot and hit the target, while not touching the obstacles moving on the screen. You only have one shot to destroy each target.

Bob the robber: League of robbers is an android platform game in which you will become a member of the robbers league and, by showing your wit and skills, steal valuable items from safe storages. You need to help your thief to get to the treasure, to avoid the attention of protection. Your functions in this game are to walk with the hero through rooms, corridors

Top speed 2: Drag rivals and nitro racing is an android platform game in which you can become the best street racer. To do this, you should get behind the wheel of a sports car and, squeezing the gas to the limit and switching at the right moment of the transfer, win the race with strong rivals. You can't lose a second

Drifty rac e is an exciting platform game for android, in which you can become a real race driver, driving a fast car on a winding road. In order to rush forward, just hold your finger, releasing it, you will go through sharp turns in the drift. To win and pass the track for the minimum time

God of track is a game for android platform, which offers to take part in a race along a fantastic track, driving a high-speed car. Your car, moving forward, leaves behind a glowing trail. You can maneuver, avoiding accidents, overcome obstacles, tacking between them, soar into the sky from springboards

Brawl strike is an android platform game that offers to take part in dynamic battles, controlling either a strong warrior, a wise magician, or a deft archer or another hero in the arena. The arena is filled with monsters and other enemies. You need to, firstly, do not let enemies take you by surprise

Crowd royale is a game for android platform, in which you have to control not one hero, but an army of fierce fighters. Commanding a crowd of fighters, you have to spend it on city streets, destroying opponents and increasing your army. You need to attack the enemy, while his number has not increased

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