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Tribio puzzle is an android platform game made in the "three in a row" genre in which you have to make rows of three or more pelicans, dragging them onto the free cells of the playing field. Then sick birds will be cured, and you will receive a reward. Think over your moves and place healthy pelicans in the right corners of the screen.

Stickman: Legend of survival - a game for the android platform, in which you take part in insane battles in different arenas with strong opponents, simply controlling the drawn fighter. The hero will fight for his life, so your good reflexes and the ability of your fingers to make the hero move rapidly through the arena are very important

Rolly ball is an android platform game in which attentiveness will be very useful for you and you will need good reflexes, because you will control a ball that rushes along an endless tunnel filled with numerous obstacles. To bypass obstacles, you need to rotate the tunnel in different directions

Grand street racing tour is an android platform game that invites you to take part in a street race, challenging strong opponents. Sitting behind the wheel of a sports car, press the gas pedal to the floor and rush through the city streets. You can overtake rivals at high speed, perform sharp turns, drift, to be the first at the finish

My little pony: Pocket ponies is an android platform game that invites you to the magical world, where it offers to explore the School of Friendship and get to know its inhabitants. Your task is to help the famous ponies deal with the villains who are attacking them endlessly. To do this, shoot the villains glowing magic balls

Birds mania: Match 3 is an android platform game in which you can make a trip to a wonderful country inhabited by many birds of six kinds. If you make rows of 3 or more identical multi-colored birds, changing their places, they will be removed from the screen, and you can earn a prize

Motorcycle LWP - great live wallpapers for Android with sport bikes, with which you can feel the full speed and power of stylish sports bikes. Install this wallpaper on the desktop screen of your mobile device, feel yourself on the race track and enjoy the thrill of driving a super motorcycle.

Fire dragon LWP by Amazing Live Wallpaperss - amazing and fantastic live wallpaper for Android with fire-breathing dragons. Download this incredible wallpaper, feel all the power, power and amazing beauty of these mythical animals, decorate the working screen of your mobile device with these cool wallpapers.

Amazing pool pro is an android platform game that invites you to play billiards with artificial intelligence and other players. You need to aim well and hit the ball with a cue so that it flew into the pocket. To do this, simply touch the screen and determine the direction and force of impact, and to hit the ball, release your finger

Fairy tale LWP - incredible live live wallpaper for Android with magical fairytale castles, forest houses, a fantastic world of fairies. Install these wonderful wallpapers on the desktop screen of your mobile device and distract from the everyday hustle and bustle by visiting the wonderful and colorful world

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