Download for free time-killer On Android

Living alone - game for android platform, in which you can transform into another person because you will manage the daily life of the protagonist, who is a young college graduate. The world is cruel and survive in it without the support of the young man is quite difficult, so your task - to help

Spiral tower - game for android platform, in which you can to train your reflexes and attentiveness. On the edge of a high tower is a spiral staircase, the steps which you need to roll the dice, so to avoid collision with a variety of obstacles such as swinging pendulums or falling blocks

Creature battle lab - game for android platform, which takes you into the fantastic laboratory, where using the latest achievements of genetic engineering, you will create a creature who will take part in the battles with a variety of opponents on numerous Wren. You need to define the exterior

Snake hunter: MMO slither - game for android platform, which aims to grow the maximum length of the snake, beating rivals in the length indicators. To do this you need to control the movement of multi-colored snake that crawls on the playing field surrounded by the other snakes. When your snake will be very small

Gravity bridge - an exciting game for the Android platform, which will require you to the reaction rate, care and finger dexterity. You will, driving a small car, spend it on the bridge as far as possible. Movement of a finger across the screen, you can rotate the axle counterclockwise or clockwise

Dark ascent - game for android platform, in which you will display the main character on the surface of the dark dungeon. Escapes from the cave, he will be on the balloon, and you must help him to fly as high as possible, so keep an eye out for the ball flight and feel around, to avoid the danger in time, which lurk in the dark

Cranky road - a game for Android from the developer Indigo Bunting platform, made ​​in the genre of arcade. Your task is to manage the rapid wagon which is moving at a very winding and narrow road, and on the way to collect the money. This is the whole idea of ​​what is happening, which is very easy to understand

Spiral splatter - a dynamic game for the android platform, in which you need to spend a minimum of time the ball down a dangerous serpentine path and reach the next level. Keep the ball you just need a finger, avoiding obstacles and traps, including moving obstacles, evil ghosts and other

Risky Road - a game for android in the style of racing platform, rather, survival, because you have to hold out as long as possible on the track, which is a classic figure eight. Gameplay is to race to the bottom of the Group of Eight, and in its upper part, too, will race car

BARRIER X - game for android in the genre of arcade platform game in which you have to manage something like a paper airplane or a flying triangle. To be honest, in this case it does not matter, because what is happening is incredible speed. At the simplest level, and at a very low speed to respond