Download for free sandpit On Android

Block town:! Craft your city - a game for android platform, in which you will build and build their city, and for this you need to find a suitable place, having research areas. Then be engaged in construction of residential houses and other buildings of different purposes. To create and protect the city, you need to extract useful resources to create tools and weapons

Campaign Clicker - game for android platform, realized in the genre of the clicker, but not hackneyed theme of zombies, but on a very current topic US presidential elections. In the election campaign faced two parties - the Democrats and the Republicans

The sandbox 2: Evolution - a game for the Android platform, where you can be creative and create their own virtual worlds and levels, using an extensive database of various elements and blocks. The elements and components you can combine and place on the screen to paint in different colors, choose the appropriate musical accompaniment

Survival island: Craft 3D - a game for the Android platform in which your hero to survive in the big desert island, what he has to produce their own food, going on a hunt, and build a safe place for the night, getting the necessary resources such as wood, stone and other materials

City Craft 3: TNT Edition - an exciting game for the Android platform offers to try to survive in a cubic world, which for thirty years as a broken, because the terrible encompassing disaster destroyed almost all life. The world was plunged into chaos and destruction, and there is not small towns

CivCrafter - this platform game for Android from the developer Naquatic offers to create their own kingdom-state and become the ruler there, merciful or cruel - you decide. It should be noted that the games of this developer, such as, for example, Guncrafter and Shooting Showdown

Five Nights At Craft: Freddy - a great sandbox for Android from the series mainkraftu. You are waiting for exciting adventures in the pixel world. By using scrap materials create their homes, gardens, animals and plant construction, and do them, that they were stolen from the night where the evil predators

MiniCraft 2 - in this game for Android, you have to battle with the gods and other powerful enemies, who own the entire worlds. To do this you need to take care about the weapons with which you can combat them, as well as armor for themselves, so they can not cause you to lethal damage

MainCraft-2D-Survival - Android game, made ​​in 2D technology, which offers you to survive in the world of wildlife, and for that you have to explore, build and create, supported by food and, of course, defend. So let's go step by step:

Minecraft - Pocket Ed. Demo - stunning, modern game on Android. Excellent arcade game that provides an opportunity for a full flight of your imagination, where it is possible to do whatever he wants. Would you like to, build, and then blow up your buildings, and want to, create a volcanic eruption. In short your interesting world at your feet well.