Download for free childrens games On Android

Zoo's Truck: Food Truck Tycoonew - an educational game for children on Android. You need to help the little tiger cub develop its store on wheels. To do this, you need to make a variety of juices, sweets, ice cream, and various delicious desserts. Drive your van, sell your desserts

Meow friends is a game for the android platform, which will allow you to spend free time with several pets, having fun with them in a cozy environment, as well as solving different puzzles and solving complex problems. To get a tasty bonus for pets and set a new record, you need to complete tasks

Meow pop: Kitty bubble puzzle - a game for the android platform, in which you have to save little cute kittens. You will need to complete hundreds of tasks to destroy colorful balls. Pets blow soap bubbles to move on. You will need to think logically to choose the path of the shot

My little pony: Pocket ponies is an android platform game that invites you to the magical world, where it offers to explore the School of Friendship and get to know its inhabitants. Your task is to help the famous ponies deal with the villains who are attacking them endlessly. To do this, shoot the villains glowing magic balls

Vacation hotel stories is an android platform game in which you will go on vacation and enjoy your vacation. You will stay in comfortable rooms of an excellent family hotel, the staff will give you tea and you can eat in the restaurant. You are waiting for interesting excursions, entertainment in the pool and amusement park

Moy: Christmas special - a game for the android platform that will take you to the location of the festive winter landscapes, where you have to control the movement of a funny hero, jumping higher and higher from one ice platform to another. Your task is to draw the character as high as possible, avoiding dangers, overcoming obstacles

Delicious: Emily's Christmas carol is a platform game for android, in which you, along with the main character Emily and her family, will move to a comfortable cottage with a Christmas express to have a fun Christmas. You have to perform different tasks and prepare a festive treat for friends of Emily and all the neighbors for a Christmas party. Follow orders of guests and faster than all

Wheelie 7: Detective - game for android platform, in which the protagonist - is a fun car Willie, who wants to track down the gang-robbers car. Going to the bank, and after witnessing a robbery, Willie goes on the trail of thieves. To catch criminals, look along with Willie clues, hints and objects

Fantasy forest story - a game for android platform, in which you take a fantastic journey into the magic forest, inhabited by unseen animals, which you should take care of the forest and become the owner. Performing various tasks, growing different creatures, crossing in vitro

Pet world: Wildlife Africa - game for android platform, which will take you to Africa where you will manage a large reserve, by placing the animals in spacious enclosures, taking care of their comfort and vet, treating and caring for sick animals and searching every pet a new caring hosts