Download for free angry birds On Android

Angry Birds Evolution - a game for the android platform from the developers of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., who decided to please fans of the new, more advanced in every respect, version of the famous game about birds. The evolution of the game really happened, it was transformed from a classic arcade into a role-playing game

Angry birds: Ace fighter - game for android platform, in which you become a bird-pilot and fabulous driving plane, protect the birds from the air fleet of pigs. Your plane is equipped with a powerful weapon with which you will be able to conduct continuous fire, shooting down planes and destroying enemy pigs

Angry birds:! Goal - game for android platform, in which you will play football for the team evil birds against pigs team. To lead his team to victory and to defeat the opposing team, invite and train players, model the skilful passes, maneuvers and stunts, protection gates and hitting the ball

Angry Birds Action -! Game for android platform, which is based on the Angry Birds movie, so you have the opportunity to touch the world of birds and save the birds' eggs. In order to save the bird eggs will bounce like a ball from the walls and overcome on his way various obstacles

Angry Birds 2 - a game for the Android platform, the second part of the most popular (the number of downloads is approaching polumilliardny mark!) And the famous game Angry Birds from developer Rovio. Of course, a lot of users long-awaited release of the second part of the game

Angry birds: Fight! - An exciting game with an angry birds for android platform in the genre of "three in a row." You need to be swapped on the board of funny birds, making rows of 3 or more of the same, then they will disappear to make room for others and increasing the power of your hero

Birds vs Zombies - You, like most owners android surely love puzzles. Then this game is for you. Within a short period, it has become quite popular, because it's all very well implemented: a large number of impressive visual effects, very nice soundtrack

Angry Birds Stella - great arcade game for Android. Many believe that the classic Angry Birds game is outdated, rubbed their relevance and popularity. In Rovio decided to refute the prevailing view and created a new product Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Epic - Angry Birds Meet the legend on Android, which has become an absolute bestseller. Only on your mobile device is the most popular and the most legendary game from developer Rovio, which undoubtedly is an absolute indicator of the level and quality of games

Angry Birds Go! - Very soon, as early as December 11 the number of incredible app for Android. An excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the characters of the most enormous and drayvovymi racing game of the year and constantly, every day, earning points for rewards in Angry Birds Go!