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Escape the ghost town 2 - an exciting platform game for android, in which you will need observation and logic in order to get out of the mysterious city. You will walk through the streets of the city and look in the abandoned houses to find the necessary objects, explore the halls of the abandoned mansion, to learn its secrets

Medieval castle escape hidden objects game - a game for android platform, in which you will need observation, because you have to find a well hidden in the ancient castle of objects. You will go on a journey through the picturesque corners of the castle following the trail of the knight Lancelot and listen to his advice

Hidden object. Chimeras: Mortal medicine. Collector's edition is a game for the android platform, in which you need to find a cure for the strange disease of astounding children. Events occur in a small town in which you will follow the trail of a mythical chimera, find a villain and reveal the secret of the disease

Surface: Lost tales. Collector's edition is a game for android platform in which you will make an exciting trip to colorful locations and help the young girl, the main heroine, to go through the border between the worlds and be in the past. And there the girl finds out that she is a fairy princess and she needs

Hidden object: Christmas tree is a game for the android platform that will fill you with Christmas and New Year's mood, because you have to look for various items, gifts, ornaments and other items hidden from the New Year tree and in other rooms prepared for the holiday. Moving from one color level to another

Bob's Christmas story is a great Christmas game on Android. Your task is to help the deer beautifully decorate the house of the wolf for Christmas, in order to return to Santa in the harness

100 doors saga - game for android platform, which will require you to logical thinking, ingenuity and observation in order to get out of the rooms of the mysterious building. Each guest room will offer you to perform a specific task and until you solve the puzzle, you will not be able to continue their way to freedom

Hidden Object - Christmas Eve - Christmas fun adventure on Android devices. Christmas schedule the game will give you a festive mood. You have to look for different hidden objects in 20 different houses, all under the Christmas songs. The game has several modes, according to this it can play both adults and children

Spotlight: Room escape - a great quest to Android, where you have to get out of a strange house, and you have to go through a lot of closed doors, find useful items and solve different puzzles. Your character amnesia, he does not remember who he is and what makes this house, your job is to help him remember who he is, and unravel the mysteries

The Three Musketeers HD - can not say that this game on Android from the developer Anuman is a full quest, rather it is simply hidden object, but that the plot of the game is built on the immortal classics, can ensure its success. I must say that the plot of the game, using the well-known literary