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School bus driver 2017 is a platform game for android in which you will become a professional bus driver, managing large school buses that you will have to lead different routes along busy roads and in time and safely deliver pupils to school. The required stops are marked by points on the route

School bus drive challenge - a game for android platform, in which you can become a professional driver of the school bus, carrying students. You will spend the bus routes of city streets and country roads, stopping at designated locations where passengers can get off the bus, while others get hooked

City bus simulator:. Craft inc - a great simulator on Android, in which you will need to drive a bus on a variety of urban and suburban routes. Your task is to dissolve all the passengers as quickly as possible, it does not get into an accident. Follow the road, overcome obstacles, enter into the turns smoothly

Real manual bus simulator 3D - a good simulator on Android, in which you will manage a large bus. Go you'll have for a variety of busy streets of the city, without getting into an accident. Get your driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules of the game Real manual bus simulator 3D