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Snuggle Truck - help an experienced driver to transport the unusual smuggling from one zoo to another. Be careful, the road is full of pitfalls and obstacles, through which you have to go through. You need to go through them all so as not to lose the animal on the road.

Canabalt HD - black and white, this game lets you dive into the scary world, destroyed by aliens. The main character - a man who lives in one of these cities and dreams of getting out of it.
Prehistoric Journey - the protagonist of primitive times Abam going to deal with enemies and traps, with courage, and powerful clubs! You should help him in his adventures.
Treemaker - casual puzzle game with high-quality 3D graphics, created specifically for the new models of smart phones and tablets based on the android. Feel yourself as a traveler and appreciate the beauty of the three different worlds.
Skater Boy - This game was developed specifically for the android version 2.1. It is an excellent simulator ride on a skateboard. Feel like a teenager and go to different locations, owning just one purpose - to get to the finish.
Roboto - the protagonist of this game robot is a robot. Your job is to get to the spaceship, so he found his favorite, which is located at the other end of the galaxy. To do this, you can use a mini-turbolet.
Super Androix - this game looks and the sense is very similar to the well-known throughout the world game for 8-bit NES console, called Super Mario. In this game the main character acts as a clever Android. He jumps up and kills everyone in its path, who are just trying to stop him. In this game you will find a huge number of levels and some incredible worlds.
Flying Boy - Help the hero game to overcome their fears of the various monsters, ghosts and other evil spirits. Remember, you control a flying boy who in addition is also well armed!

Angry Gran - embittered grandmother feared everything and not just in real life, but in this game. Playing with elements of humor will help you clean up the streets and help the old granny get the supplement to the pension.