Download for free planet On Android

Solar system LWP - incredibly beautiful live wallpapers on Android with different kinds of planets of our solar system. With the help of this application, you have the opportunity to explore the planets of the solar system, bring them closer and move them away, and change the perspective of observing them

The path to Luma - excellent puzzle game on Android, where you have to help the hero to save the planet from various ecological catastrophe. The hero of this game is a little android, which is designed to save the planet a highly developed civilization. He needs to stop the pollution of the environment on certain planets of the galaxy

Pocket Planets - an application that completely envelops you its extraordinary beauty unknown to the end of space on Android. Great, nothing on similar application is an exact copy of our extraordinary solar system. And only you will have an incredible opportunity ...

Google Earth - app for Android, where the whole world, the whole planet you clearly. The app gives you a tremendous opportunity to change the world with one touch. Travel and meet intriguing distant countries and cities, from the comfort of home. Voice Search cities, streets, companies and simplify your search.