Download for free role play On Android

Iron blade: Medieval legends is a dynamic platform game for android in which you have to challenge the demon lord Baal, fighting with maniacs and demons, and stop the attack of dark forces. The Order of the Knights Templar has long been combating evil. Helping them, you can become a hero of ancient prophecy

Guardians of fantasy - a game for the android platform, in which you are waited by an exciting journey through a fantastic world at the head of the team of heroes that you have to form. To make each hero unique, learn and improve his abilities. At your disposal there are riding dogs

Tiny rogue - a game for android platform, where you have to get a huge treasure in the gloomy underground locations. Your main character - a brave adventurer who will go through the intricate underground labyrinths, which are not repeated, and for each new game randomly generated

Sword storm - game for android platform, where you have numerous battles with monsters in dungeons and in other locations. To defeat the enemy, you can use a character's combat effectiveness, and magic spells. Defeating the enemy, you will get the opportunity to develop your hero

Soul king - fun platform game for Android, where you have to protect the world from the dark forces. Along with the fun and a little strange characters who possess extraordinary abilities, you fight and defeat the enemies of the crowd. You are waiting for exciting adventures in different locations, such as the dark dungeons

Limit hero - platform game for Android in which you take part in an endless war heroes and demons, leading the team of the glorious heroes, each with extraordinary abilities. You have to go down to the dungeons and fight the frightful demons and other opponents

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - a game for the Android platform, made ​​in the strategy genre with the incremental battles, where you have to defend the universe from the aggressors. Your task is to assemble an unbeatable team of the heroes of the famous trilogy of Star Wars

Pocket maplestory - an exciting platform game for Android, where you have to hold its main protagonist in numerous locations where it is expected to encounter and battle monsters. Your character has an exceptional ability to be used to defeat the enemy

We Heroes - Born to Fight - platform game for Android in which you will be able to once again demonstrate their abilities to save the world. You have to form a team of skilled heroes and defeat the evil that threatens the world, all sorts of demons and other immoral character, to fight that were thrown bravest knights and mages

Cash reward RPG Doraken - platform game for Android, which invites you on a journey to an alternative world. All living things in the world is under the threat posed by the dark forces, one of them - a mighty black dragon, which you will find and fight him in a bloody battle