MiniCraft 2


MiniCraft 2 - in this game for Android, you have to battle with the gods and other powerful enemies, who own the entire worlds. To do this you need to take care about the weapons with which you can combat them, as well as armor for themselves, so they can not cause fatal damage to you. You can create portals to open new locations and travel to find game resources and objects possessing magical powers.

The game will open your normal game world, hell, heaven and the lair of Aida, which are located in different areas of relief, such as the plains and mountains, as well as in the urban landscape with different buildings ive superflat world.

The game supports day and night, different weather conditions, provided time for sleep. You will have different inventory.

The main properties of the game MiniCraft 2:

• four game world filled with exciting adventures

• Basic map of the area in several modes

• different characteristics and properties of the protagonist

• the opportunity to purchase a unique weapon and powerful armor in a special shop

• ability to receive daily gold coins

Download MiniCraft 2 apk Free 23.11 MB version 1.0.2

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