MainCraft-2D-Survival - Android game, made ​​in 2D technology, which offers you to survive in the world of wildlife, and for that you have to explore, build and create, supported by food and, of course, defend. So let's go step by step.

You may need various minerals, such as precious metals and minerals, which you can find in the dark underground caves. Do not forget that the cave could be inhabited, and the people do not like uninvited guests.

For protection against wild animals you need to build a house of your own design and architectural plan. This house will provide you with a safe haven, and in it you can place various objects, including a bed, stove, chest.

Items that will be useful to you for research, such as shovels, axes, picks, swords, etc., as well as in everyday life, such as windows, doors, chests, furnaces and much more, you can create your own.

A hungry man is not able to explore, build and create, so you need to be supported for what to cook your own food or eat foods raw. Be careful not to poison him. To control the degree of fullness, the game has a special scale on which you will be able to judge how hungry your hero after performing various actions.

At nightfall, as night follows day in the game, wild animals become more active in search of prey, so you have to either defend or hide in the shelter that you have built. Do not forget that in the game the night is very dark and quite scary, so think about lighting torches and stocks.

Do whatever it takes to survive in the wild world of the game MainCraft.


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