Five Nights at Freddy's 3

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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - wonderful "horror" for the Android platform from the developer Scott Cawthon, which resembles a series of their games, what fear is. Today in entertainment a lot of killing, blood, but this is almost no horror. The first two editions of the game from Scott Cawthon made a huge impression on users, especially for fans of horror. Despite the fact that the first part was paid, it downloaded on the android nearly half a million players, and a free demo version of the second part have downloaded more than 10 million users. In the third part of the demo version, which includes a couple of nights, also free and full version - paid and costs $ 3. It must be admitted that the game is worth the money, of course, if you are not afraid to feel the real horror.

The storyline is a continuation of the previous two parts and is a key element. Who did not play in the first and second parts and are not familiar with the story, you can read about it on Wikipedia. So, evil toys dismantled and thrown rot somewhere in the warehouse, but they do not destroy, and hoarded a hostility and anger. No one entrepreneur came up with the idea to organize a petstserii in which there was a terrible story with toys, house of horrors. He even found the toys and put them together, completely unaware of what this will evolve. He hired a security guard, whom you, by the way, to play, and ordered him to guard the house of horrors now at night. It is easy to assume what happened next.

Not to say that high-quality graphics or real physics - it's the distinctive properties of the game, far from it. Here are all relatively simple, but used techniques really have an impact on your psyche and cause fear, even terror.

Summary: It is reasonable that the developer offers a demo version of the game, because not everyone will be able to take place in the house of horrors all night.


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