Summoners' War: Sky Arena


Summoners' War: Sky Arena - game for android platform is an excellent blend of role-playing games and the "farm" in which you can build a huge team of obedient monsters "summons" and pump the hero. Monsters, clicking on your side will help you in battle.

The game is not new, so an extensive content. In the game you can not only participate in battles with monsters, but also to develop their settlement that will give you additional bonuses.

From the beginning, your character will be an ally of one of the five elements - light and darkness, water, fire and wind, each of which has positive and negative qualities, and also defines the skills and character set of magical spells.

Gather a team of "summon" the monsters - the occupation is very exciting. The game contains more than eight hundred different monsters, each of which has its own properties. It is possible to enhance these properties with the help of the magical runes. The symbiosis of unique monsters and abilities of the protagonist gives you an incredible tactical possibilities, and well-chosen tactics determines the success in this game.

The main properties of Summoners game 'War: Sky Arena:

- Good design in an attractive chart

- Game design at a good level

- A huge number of monsters

- The possibility to join the guild

- The opportunity to fight with friends

- The opportunity to fight with real players in pvp mode

Negative properties Summoners game 'War: Sky Arena:

- Much Donat

- The presence of advertising

Summary: The game, which will allow you to display their abilities tactical planning.


Download Summoners' War: Sky Arena apk Free 12.44 MB version 1.3.8

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