Pet Shop Story: Halloween

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Pet Shop Story: Halloween is a great and very addictive game # 1 on Android about pets, which returns to us in a completely new way. "The history of the pet store. Halloween! Try to build your wonderful store for your pet and boast it to your friends. Make your store creative and not like any other, picking up stunning animals. Celebrate the merry Halloween feast with terrific pets and appropriate decorations, and the amazing accompaniment will make the game exciting. Be extraordinary and decorate your favorite store creatively in the style of a fun Halloween holiday, which will lead you to even more buyers.

Features Pet Shop Story: Halloween:

1. It is necessary to collect a complete collection of amazing favorites - and kittens, and puppies, and birds, and rabbits

2. You can try yourself as a creator of new species

3. take care of your favorite animals

4. create a store of your dreams. You are given excellent decorations and cute animals

5. Build beautiful houses

6. Check out the nearby shops, play with cute animals

7. Add your friends on Facebook and Storm8 to build a pet store next to you.

8. Stunning, colorful graphics, great design and great animation

9. What's important is that it's completely free to download, play, update.

It is important to note that you will have such pets that will not bring you any trouble.

Be careful when playing, make sure that the mobile device is connected to the Internet, since the game is online.

The game is free, but there is an opportunity to spend money inside the application. If you want, then disable this feature, you need to open Google Play Store, click the menu button, select Settings -> Password (Use Password for purchase) and set a password.


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