Hero needs a weapon


Hero needs a weapon - a game for android platform, where you have to build your city and ensure its protection from evil forces with the help of brave heroes, which you fit a weapons and items of equipment, its own production. In addition to the construction of special buildings and structures, you need to create bows, swords, staves and other weapons for your heroes with whom they will be able to go into dangerous dungeons in search of the necessary substances and materials. You have the option to hire a hero who will fight at your side, as well as to supply weapons to other countries.

Key elements of the game Hero needs a weapon:

- Hundreds of dungeons, which poses a danger

- More than fifty objects equipment

- Eight city buildings

- More than 120 different substances and materials

To play you need to provide access to the Internet.

Download Hero needs a weapon apk Free 49.46 MB version 1.0.1

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