Dawn of Titans


Dawn of Titans - epic Strategy Game for Android platform from the developer NaturalMotionGames Ltd., which is a sign of a series of racing games a CSR and that the game Dawn of Titans showed the world should look like a modern strategy for the android platform.

The gameplay is a little different from the gameplay of most hits in the strategy genre, and offers, as usual, to build his kingdom, to protect it and develop conquering neighboring territories. Width and detailing, as well as the great epic battles are the distinctive features of the game Dawn of Titans, which allow it to leave behind many gaming products.

Build a kingdom - it's part of the problem, yet it needs to be defended and promoted. To do this at your disposal, in addition to a medieval army, huge Warriors - Titans who own magic and tremendous power and can destroy entire military units. But do not forget that the enemy, too, there are Titans. In addition to military defense, you need to solve the economic problem to adjust the supply of food and other resources necessary for the life of the kingdom.

Game Dawn of Titans is framed in such a way that can affect even the most experienced. If you are not a fan of epic battles, you still need to see this stunning design, where great attention is paid to detail - every inch of the world developed. Look forward to epic landscapes with the relevant buildings, the beautiful sky with the sunrise and sunset, the dust flying from under the feet of the soldiers, when they run. But all this beauty put forward certain demands to the capabilities of your mobile device.

It is gratifying to note that you have the opportunity to participate directly in the fighting, but not automatically. You can arrange your army before the start of each fight, manage your troops, and you can use magic.

Key features of the game Dawn of Titans:

- Very fun gameplay with the epic battles

- Very cool graphics

- Stunning detail

- For the game do not pay

Negative characteristics of the game Dawn of Titans:

- High demands on the capabilities of your mobile device

- A few uncomfortable governance, which needs to get used to

- Quite substantial Donat

To play you need to download cache, address: sd / android / obb.

Summary: the game offers a epic battle in stunning graphics, which can offer a strategy for the android platform, so be sure to download this game, even if you're not a fan of the above.


Download Dawn of Titans apk Free 28.81 MB version 1.3.1

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