Epic Defense - the Elements


Epic Defense - the Elements - an incredibly addictive game for android with great graphics and incredible levels. The game, which will not leave you on the sidelines, a game that just needs to play. The main character must lead your army men to victory with the bloodthirsty orcs who obey the tyrant creepy, capturing the old world setting rules.

Incredible story of the historic battle of good and
evil, and
magic. Requires logic and
strategic approach to
case, the game has multiple difficulty levels that can be selected independently.

Tired of
Humans have lost a lot of fighting forces in
unequal battle, but
help from sorcerers who found the statute book and
Secret food items. Using force elements to strengthen the defense, improving supernatural forces that cause volcano, lightning, iceberg will help you in

Epic Defense
- The Elements and

1. different levels to fight - they are 21 and three levels of difficulty.

2. Comfortable and easy operation.

3. strategic way of waging war.

Enjoy a great game!


Download Epic Defense - the Elements apk Free 29.46 MB version 1.6.9

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