Minecraft Pocket Edition

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We operate a small man, who destroys or creates blocks that you can create a fantastic home, strength and everything, most importantly imagination. You can create your own, and can collectively and chaining of various different modes. The essence of the game is only in this, but it is enough to this game the player interested. The game has a set of blocks such as sand, water, stone, leaves, and so on. At first glance, the game may not like it because of the graphics, but after you play it, build your first home, you can not stop.


You can control the character of a virtual joystick on the left ekrane.Dlya to destroy the blocks, you need to keep your finger on the block that must be destroyed.

In order to put a block to select it in the menu block and click on the place where you want to put it.

Type can be changed between 1 and 3 persons.


Familiar music in the game, as in the PC version. But there is a sound of footsteps, and all the other movements.  

Installation instructions:  

A. Download the file to your phone.

2. Install it by following the instructions.

3. The download cache.

4. After installing the game, run it and play.

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