Scrap Hunt


Scrap Hunt - a great and simple game for Android, where the main goal will be to your vivid and exciting pastime. At your disposal a great aerial equipment that can fly full force and knock down a UFO. Exciting hunt for UFOs please everyone because you can destroy UFOs in several ways: the way ramming and shooting. You will be pleasantly surprised by plane, because it is quite unusual. In a collision with a UFO or its propeller ground turn into a drill and fully able to cope with the task.

You can spend fighting with aliens and in the air and under water, and deep in the earth. But we should not be so arrogant, beware min. Mina forces inflict heavy damage to you, and ship-sharks will shoot and attack you, hatched from min. You can collect various bonuses and enhancements, allowing you to easily cope with the task. For example, a magnet. Thanks to him, you can fly past all that you need.

Scrap Hunt has features:

1. Exciting, driving, exciting and just a wonderful

2. Good animation

3. Quite manageable tasks will add excitement to your gameplay

4. Comfortable driving with one finger

5. Completely free

6. Variety and availability levels - their 50

So, totally free you can get a decent and positive pastime.



Download Scrap Hunt apk Free 13.57 MB version 1.5.3

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