Download for free Flying On Android

Infinity strike: Space shooting idle chicken is an interesting platform game for android, in which you are waiting for battles with alien invaders and other flying enemies. You have to lift in the sky and control the space fighter and take an aerial battle over different locations. Your fighter is equipped with a fantastic weapon

Angry birds: Ace fighter - game for android platform, in which you become a bird-pilot and fabulous driving plane, protect the birds from the air fleet of pigs. Your plane is equipped with a powerful weapon with which you will be able to conduct continuous fire, shooting down planes and destroying enemy pigs

Dark side - game for android platform, in which you take part in massive battles against the rebels, going to the side of the force, which is a space fleet of the Empire. Destroy the rebel ships you can with the help of powerful fiction weapon. Your task - at any price to defend the Empire

Sky assault: 3D flight action - game for android platform, in which you float in the sky above the fabulous locations on a huge bird, fabulous aircraft, mythical dragon and so on, to then use terrain features to develop the tactics of battle. Your main task - to defend your kingdom from the invading army

Apestorm: Full bananas - game for android platform, where you have to perform a noble mission to save earth from the people, destroying the surrounding nature. Monkey stole great big airship, which is equipped with powerful bombs. Your task - to help monkeys, which you will operate the airship, and commanding a crew

Airplane flight battle 3D - game for android platform, where you have to become a military pilot, manage advanced jet fighter and engage in active aerial combat, showing mastery of aerobatics. Your task is to perform various combat missions in the most remote parts of the planet

Choppa - a game for android platform, in which you will become a helicopter pilot Coast Guard, whose task is to rescue people in distress. Flying over the ocean, you will save the sailors after the wreck, and the span of the oil platforms - the workers caught in the disaster, and help people get out of dangerous traps

Last Horizon - platform game for Android from the developer Noodlecake Studios Inc ,, which is known to users of the popular game Zombie Road Trip, from which today's game created in the genre of arcade games, has nothing to do

Helicopter simulator 2016. Flight simulator online: Fly wings - platform game for Android, where you have to open all the helicopters, both civil and military, and their twenty-eight in the game to perform a variety of missions and tasks. Climbing up into the sky, you can simply fly over the streets of the metropolis, and can carry tourists

Air war: Legends of ops - platform game for Android in which you at its ultramodern fighter will take part in the fighting in many parts of the world. At your disposal there is a choice of five pilots, each of which has exceptional properties and their own driving style