Ukrainian Laws


Ukrainian Laws - a great app for Android with the legal framework of Ukraine. Here, the Constitution and the Code of Ukraine and the laws, and the main thing is always at your fingertips.

You have a tremendous opportunity to save the full text of the law on the mobile device. The various search options. For example, you do not find the document, with the text, you can add your own! (Add document:

For faster than the new versions, you must:

1. Should join the community

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The application knows several languages: Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The entire legal framework, without making any changes. All existing Codes of Ukraine: Tax KU, Cheap CG CG Commercial, Civil KU,

The Code of Administrative Court Procedure, the Economic Procedural KU, the Merchant Shipping Code of Ukraine, the KU Air, Water KU, the Criminal Procedure KU, KU Administrative Offences, the Land, the Criminal KU, the Housing Code of the Ukrainian SSR, the Civil Procedure KU, KU Family, Penal KU The Code of Labour Laws, Code of Civil Defense of Ukraine, O depths

Forest CG CG Customs.

Who - is said that he who owns the information, he owns the world.

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