Zombidle - game for android developers a platform from Berzerk Studio, it's a clicker, besides quite banal, is not original. But let's all in order.

Home is your task - to become the bad guy. This will teach you, even because at the beginning of the game will tell about necromancy zombies and other evil spirits. You need to destroy the house, located in the middle of the playing field, which will appear after the destruction again and again, and so on ad infinitum. You lead an army of monsters, so when people come out of the house and you want to stop, their chances of success are minimal. To increase your strength, you can buy property under the ground, in particular, in the caves.

There are some features of the gameplay, which consists in the fact that from the destroyed house can drop shards or diamonds, which you can use for the development of the hero, as he has to battle with the bosses. If you are within 30 seconds will not have time to defeat the boss, you are suffering grief and go to the previous level to gain experience.

Framed game is quite simply nothing that could please the eye. All ochennt trivial.

The main properties of the game Zombidle:

- The opportunity to become the bad guy

- The ability to use skills and spells

- The destruction of many innocent people

- For the game do not have to pay

Negative characteristics of the game Zombidle:

- Rustic decoration

- Present Donat

Summary: standard clicker, no applications for originality, no cool graphics, but fans of the genre can download it for free.


Download Zombidle apk Free 38.79 MB version 1.0.49

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