Order & Chaos 2: Redemption


Order Chaos 2: Redemption - we can say that it is the largest and probably the best MMORPG for android platform. The game, which invites you with thousands of other players in a fascinating journey into the world of chaos and order. The purpose of this trip will be the salvation of the world to atone for the guilt of the mistake made in the past.

You challenge Haradona horrors and monstrous bosses, and for victory in the solo dungeons dreams you can get luxury rewards. Build a strong team, you will be able to conquer the dangerous dungeons. You can show your courage in battles against other players in PvP, and its commercial capacity by trading with other players and showing things at the auction.

You can choose your character from five races - orcs, humans, elves, and Mendel kratanov; five classes - berserkers, rangers, magicians, warriors and monks, and immerse themselves in political intrigue and military confrontation. Catching useful crafts, such as sewing, forging, alchemy, you can create your most suitable outfit.

Key features of the game Order Chaos 2: Redemption:

- A huge world with beautiful scenery

- A fascinating story

- A huge number of characters and factions

- Choice of character from five races and five classes

- An opportunity to improve weapons

- Easy management, optimized for mobile devices

simple and pleasant communication players via chat and email


Download Order & Chaos 2: Redemption apk Free 33.28 MB version 1.0.0n

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