Chain Chronicle


Chain Chronicle - free game for the Android platform in the genre of RPG, where you have to develop a strategy and tactics to protect their base from the enemy, namely, from the aggression of the Black Army. You need to create your own army of 150 recruits from archers, knights, magicians and others. All have individual soldiers fighting qualities that you have to discover and well-used for their victory. In addition to building, you will find the function of destruction, because you need to crush the gates and to destroy all that is behind them.

In a world in which the game takes you, brave commanders of the armies fighting for the throne, and you have, in defiance of a lot of players to participate in the fierce battles. To break through the defense of the castle, you can use both brute strength and magic spells.

So, the basic functions to be performed, the fortress of the enemy is the environment and the development of his own kingdom-state. To implement the first function you need to:

- To take advantage of weaknesses of the enemy during the battle;

- An unusual form an army of thieves and trolls, as well as noble knights;

- Competent to consider the deployment of its troops;

- To implement good governance protagonist;

- To master the magic cards that will give you the benefits and help to freeze enemies, summon assistance dragons, throwing stones devastating.

To implement the second function, you need:

- To carry out economic development, which build the mill and farm, dig mines, and organize other businesses to provide income;

- To defend the kingdom-state aggression vicious enemies, which build different fortifications - towers, barricades, walls, as well as mining space and set traps;

- Profit at the expense of capture of other real estate players.

The game is framed with beautiful animation, very beautiful stylized graphics and amazing sound. Users are kept useful upgrades.

Summary: The fans of active war games, strategy and fantasy free got a new quality game product.

Download Chain Chronicle apk Free 41.24 MB version 1.0.0

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