Kimo! - Game for android platform offers help little black kid Kimo, who lives underground and never saw the sun, to fulfill his dream to see the sunlight. Unfortunately, the game does not support the Russian language, but see for yourself how you need it.

On the way to the realization of the dream of a small Kimo awaits a large number of levels with many obstacles to be overcome. At every turn and in every dark corner of the lurking insidious trap. It is possible to get, and the dream of a baby can not come true.

Button up, down and sideways designed for motion control Kimo. The kid knows how to jump and even fly, then he grows wings. If necessary, you can use these to his ability, but be careful and cautious, especially during flights. The fact that the walls of underground tunnels littered with debris that can damage the wings Kimo.

Download Kimo! apk Free 37.24 MB version 1.2

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