Tap Dots

Game Arcade clicker


Tap Dots - genre clickers can be regarded as an ideal platform for android, because could not be easier - there is practically no gameplay, but there is no plot at all necessary. The essence of these games is to ensure, to point a finger at the screen, but not just so, and to arrive on the field point.

Your attention will be distracted by other elements that will appear on the playing field in addition to the desired point. Ignore them and focus attention on the point in time to click on it first for 5 seconds and then for less and less, until any delay will not lead to the fact that you will fail, because the time has expired. Each time, the game will become more energetic, and the points can swim quite haphazard.

Games with simple gameplay executed in the style of minimalism: a single color background, dots and numbers - nothing more. In addition to appearing on the playing field elements other than points, your mind will relax and enjoy the music, which, by the way, perfectly complements the gameplay.

If the game will gain some popularity, developers certainly diversify gameplay, adding a new regimes.

The fact that the game is free, contains no Donata and other purchases, it is a great advantage.

Summary: A simple, but looks very nice representative of the genre clickers. Do not like to complicate their pastime, download and enjoy, despite the fact that for this pleasure not have to pay.

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