Angry Birds Epic


Angry Birds Epic - Angry Birds Meet the legend on Android, which has become an absolute bestseller. Only on your mobile device is the most popular and the most legendary game from developer Rovio, which undoubtedly is an absolute indicator of the level and quality of games. Takes its origin from the classic game Angry Birds, the main goal of the game was to throw the bird into a pig. Then you can get acquainted with all sorts of advanced options. Each time, after the new season, the question arises, what can come up with? But as always, and this time Rovio could surprise us and presented race Angry Birds Go.

Captivating and inseparable game in all respects. Given that the heroes you are already familiar with, we can see a completely different genre. Authors infinitely improved, meet, the game is in the style of RPG!

Angry Birds Epic has features:

1. Has phased battle between birds and pigs

2. Familiar and cherished heroes

3. Fantastic opportunity to improve your heroes in every sense

4. Incredible arsenal of weapons

5. Guaranteed humor.

The game is filled with only positive and excellent quality. Stunning and colorful graphics, new and already familiar gameplay, attention to detail levels and maps, cute characters.



Download Angry Birds Epic apk Free 25.13 MB version 1.0.8

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