Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter!


Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter - addictive game for Android in which you find yourself in the role of an evil alien arriving on planet Earth. Admission will not be hospitable, so you have to dodge military equipment, a huge fist crushing a group of earthlings. On planet Earth, there are great resources for experiments, stealing cows and earthlings. Do not stop at nothing, and level by level to make their way.

Great graphics, exciting plot only adds to drive gameplay. The game is quite easy to operate and will not make any difficulties.
To play you need:
1. steal a cow, which is directly under you
2. Move the green claw
3. when you see the query, click on the screen of your mobile device, anywhere, changing fist. In addition, it is possible to click anywhere on the screen to change the navigation mode and green mode blue fist.
4. Move fist on a weak earthlings blow transport and get points for it
5. continuous runner, but unfortunately or fortunately the hero dies, but your main goal, to become the leader of the table with maximum points
6. interact with balls that will provide you with a shield as much as 5 seconds
7. incredible blue "bonus bar" will give you the maximum battle.

There are great additional features, namely:
1. interesting opportunity to capture small ships, in order to throw them into the earthlings
2. icon trophy symbolizes "getting achievements." There is little opportunity to pause the game to see the achievements
3. explosions that result in a chain reaction.



Download Attack of Ghastly Grey Matter! apk Free 46.62 MB version 1.0

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